Fertilizer Chemical

We are a trusted Fertilizer Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier based in India. The manufacturing of specialty Fertilizer Chemical for DAP/NPK plants, it has recently developed deformers to provide optimum foam control in the process of phosphoric acid manufacturing, gradually company has gained dominance in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals for DAP/NPK. We proffer very reasonable rates for theses optimally reliable Fertilizer Chemicals. We carry one of the most effective ranges of Fertilizer Chemicals as Follows:
Defoamer for Phosphoric Acid Plant - Oil Based
Defoamer for DAP/NPK/PAP - Water Based
Defoamer for DAP/NPK - Water Based
Defoamer for Evaporator
Granulating agent / Bonding agent fertilizer
Anticaking agent for AN, CAN, DAP & NPK fertilizer-Oil & Water Based
Anticaking agent for urea
Dust Suppressing Agent
Colouring Agent - Oil & Water Based
Colouring Cum Anticaking agent
Urea Anticaking Agent
Neem Coat Oil (Neem Oil Based)