Research and Development

By Extensive R & D we have produce such products which are really problem solving, Energy Saving, time saving for our consumers. Abiding by the research results, we make available the best quality Chemicals For Paper Industry and have become a reliable Chemical Supplier. By use of De-watering add by Aluminium plants Moisture Contents reduces so as energy conservation is achieved. By use of Defoamer, Excessive foaming on paper machine, Precipitator of aluminium plant are suppressed as such better production hour are achieved , it is also energy conservation.

Our technologies with which the products are manufactured have following advantages........

  • Environmental Friendly
  • Principle of zero discharge is adapted. There is no water discharge outside. Water of discharge are treated and reused in the process and also used for plantation and cultivation.
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Serviceability
  • No dependency on Import
  • Easy in Maintenance
  • Easy availability on demand there fore no inventory carrying cost for the customers.
  • As the technology is self developed. Dependency on the others is minimum and thus the total cost of Production is less.