Cement Chemicals

We are the pioneers in developing and exporting Cement Additives inIndia. In our labs, we have been able to develop a new chemical for Cement Additives that not only enhances the grinding and performance efficiency of cements but also increases its compressive strength.

Here’s why our Cement Additives are of paramount quality in the industry:

  • It improves the compressive strength of cement tremendously.
  • Increases Fly ash/ Slag/ Limestone addition by 2-4%.
  • Increases the grinding efficiency by 7-15% thus increasing the output of grinding mills.
  • Reduces PACK-SET, thereby increasing flow characteristics.
  • Significantly reduces the agglomeration of cements in the mill and pack set in the storage silos.
  • The air transportation system fluidity is boosted

Our wide variety of Cement Additives include:

  1. SIMCO GE Series: Early Strength Enhancer
  2. SIMCO GL Series: Late Strength Enhancer
  3. SIMCO G EL Series: Early & Late Strength Enhancer
  4. SIMCO G+ Series: For Pond Ash Enhancer
  5. SIMCO GPG Series: For Phosphogypsum Enhancer
  6. SIMCO GASeries: For Productivity Enhancer
  7. SIMCO GLSeries: For Limestone Cement Strength Enhancer
  8. SIMCO GCSeries: For Composite Cement Strength Enhancer
  9. SILICONEX M Series: For Water-Repellent Cement
  10. MGA Series: For Raw Meal Productivity