With the rapidly changing environment, agricultural needs are also substantially changing. The nutrient content in the soil is very essential for the pertinent growth of crops. Fertilizer chemicals help to maintain the right balance of nutrients in the soil. Over time our company has gained dominance in the manufacturing of fertilizer chemicals for DAP/NPK plants, we also supply deformers that provide ideal foam control in the process of phosphoric acid manufacturing.


Defoamer for Phosphoric Acid Plant – Oil Based
Defoamer for DAP/NPK/PAP – Water Based
Defoamer for DAP/NPK – Water Based
Defoamer for Evaporator

Defoamers have an advanced knock-down effect on various types of surface foam bubbles in the dilute liquid phase found in the granulation scrubbing system.
Designing and producing the appropriate defoamer requires a thorough knowledge of the characteristic features of phosphate rocks, granulation production processes, and specific operating factors. Our company executes this knowledge to produce superior quality of defoamers, that aid in maximum capacity utilization and optimal output of finished products.


Anticaking agent for AN, CAN, DAP & NPK fertilizer-Oil & Water Based
Anticaking agent for urea
Urea Anticaking Agent

Caking often poses significant problems in dry fertilizer production, they form unstable ‘cliffs’ of material making fertilizer storage problematic as well as the transport, loading, and unloading, and homogenous blending of these caked fertilizers becomes strenuous. Our anti-caking agents aid in homogeneous blending of the fertilizers provides long-lasting caking control and makes its application relatively easy in fields.


Granulating agent / Bonding agent fertilizer
Dust Suppressing Agent

We have specially designed granulating and dust suppressing agents that maintain homogeneity, improve the product veracity and crush strength of the fertilizer and control the in-process dust and enable the smooth storage and distribution of the product, exclusively providing consistency and uniformity to the fertilizers.


Colouring Agent – Oil & Water Based
Colouring Cum Anticaking agent

To cater to the specific market needs and demands, the fertilizers must have a pleasing appearance. At Krishna chemicals, we have developed coloring agents to treat the entire fertilizer inside out, to modify the color, luster, and clarity of the fertilizer as per the customer needs.

Neem Coat Oil
(Neem Oil Based)

Our uniquely designed neem coat increases the total crop yield by 52%, decreases urea requirement by 46%, making it economically viable and offering augmented pesticidal properties to the soil, it is guaranteed to eliminate all sorts of soil-borne nematodes, termites, and pesticides.