Paper Chemicals

We offer complete solutions to all your paper-related issues, by providing you with an exuberant variety of paper chemicals. Our paper chemicals are made with the finest raw materials and follow the contemporary needs of the paper industry.

Our range of products:

Amotex: Defoamer for pulp Mill/ETP
RG-3: Defoamer for paper machine
Amotex BSW-329: Defoamer for brown Stock Washer

One of the major problems posed during paper processing is the formation of foams that can severely interfere with the quality of the products. Our specially designed defoamers help to tackle the foam and make operational process effortless.

PepSize-500 : Fortified Resin

PepSize-500 is used as a sizing agent in paper manufacture. It helps to increase the time of water absorption for the paper which enhances the quality and lifetime of the paper.

Pulp Aid 100: Digester Cooking Additive
Dynamix3000: Digester Cooking Additive

Our digester cooking additives help in sustaining the cellulose in paper during the manufacturing process, delignifies the pulp, and caters to a shorter processing cycle and reasonable use of bleaching chemicals. This guarantees a superior yield of pulp.

Arosol DI: De Inking chemical Surfactant
Enzo DI: De Inking chemical enzyme

The deinking chemicals facilitate easy removal of undesired dye, prodents ratiu unfavorable coloration from the fibres and produces purified pulp.

Novasize C-15: AKD Size Alkaline Size

Novasize C-15 helps in the hydrophobization of paper. It is extensively used in paper industries to produce ink jet printing papers, and several other grades of papers and paperboard.

SIA- 7030: Anti fluff

Our specially designed SIA – 7030 makes papers exceptionally smooth and helps to maintain uniformity in the sheet formation. It makes processing hassle-free due to its anti-static effect.

Biozyme RF: Refining Enzyme

Biozyme RF is manufactured specifically to attribute characteristics of enhanced density, better bonding within fibers, and improved drainage to the papers. It also promotes the removal of lignin from pulps. Our product is sure to give you a high-quality grade of paper that meets marketable standards.

Biozyme GX: Bleach booster Enzyme based

Employing the use of Biozyme GX will boost the bleaching activity, this compound is added during the washing procedure to enhance the bleaching activity. By using this bleach booster i.e. enzyme based, we are bringing forth an environmentally sustainable alternative to chemical based compositions.